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If i were you i would carry ur glock 26 all year. The .357 sig is not much more powerfull then a good 9mm load. I say step all the way up and get the full size glock 20. The 9mm .357 sig .40 and .45 all do the same thing a little different they will all work good for defense. The 10mm is in a whole different category. I wouldnt use it for ccw. Its more for an outdoorsman I hunt deer with mine. I only use it when i go in the woods. I carry my glock 23 for everything else. I want a glock 26 i think its about perfect for ccw. I had a glock 27 but traded it for the 23. I would rather carry a 9mm sub compact faster follow up shots. I think ur glock 26 will be hard to beat.
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