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327 Federal

I was in a Cabellas recently and a guy was commenting to his wife about the 327. My advice to them was that at this point it's a great round but still a reloaders cartridge. 38's and 357's can be found anywhere and would be better for them if they don't reload. 327s are pretty rare in my area. My GP100 hasn't seen one factory round yet but with the hot 32 H&R ammo I load it's not really a big problem. Blast with full bore 327s is sure to be less comfortable than a 38 but flat trajectory, acuracy and cost of reloading are advantages the 327 will continue to enjoy for a long time. It will make a big bore shooter giggle with delight without the pain associated with 357 and 44 mags. I wish ruger would have offered a 6" GP100 or a 7.5 hunter model in the blackhawk. The 4" barrel is handy but limits effective range and velocity a bit more than I would like. They are not taking serously the ballistic advantage of this cartridge also. In a 6" GP100 velociites of close to 1700fps would be possible. In a hand gun with faster powders the 327 is cheaper and easier to reload than 30 carbine and would have less blast than typical 30 carbine ammo designed for use primarily in semi auto rifles. It gets real close to 30 carbine in a handgun without the same level of noise and blast as a 30 carbine and would be a fantastic ranch gun in a rifle for those wanting something in the 30 carbine/32-20/22 hornet class of weapon. Like 44 special and 454 casull, I see this caliber hanging on as a cult favorite midget magnum, not a mainstream caliber like 40 S&W. rc
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