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Both great guns!

Having shot both, I'd lean towards the Beretta for those with larger hands or for those without as much hand strength.

The CZ seems more comfortable to my medium-small hands, but the interior-running slide offers less grip area for racking the slide, so you'd better have a strong grip.

This is not to say that the Beretta is not comfortable to medium or small hands; it is comfortable to me too. Just not as comfortable as the CZ.

Another one to consider, if you're looking at these two, is the Hi-Power.

New Brownings are expensive, but others have made them too. Ours is a Charles Daly, and it is an OUTSTANDING shooter. I don't really like the XS sights though, except for faster action shooting. It ran $350 new at Cabela's a couple years ago. Consistent single action trigger pull. Many believe this was Browning's true handgun masterpiece. Just as comfortable as the CZ75, too.
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