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Well I took a few minutes of my life to address this... After only minutes of my first mail to this company Rich replied. Here is his second mail to me...
Amazing that the this "customer" did not ask for a refund or anything? Yes there is a backlog sometimes and I do all this custom building myself so it can get hectic. Right now its hectic but I work on them and ship daily. Sometimes I do have to put other orders in front of other people to keep everyone calm but these adapters sell quick and I can never keep up with building them. At anytime if a customer is not happy all they have to do is simply cancel there order and I will refund there money asap, its not like I go on vacations or anything I work on them every day 7 days week and still have a back log but I do my best with running all aspects or operations single handedly. Try running a custom fabrication business all by yourself and see how it is,lol. ;-)

Anyways it would have been nice if that customer would have e-mailed me first or posted something on my own forum but I guess they would rather bash me and my hardwork on another forum. I could "hire" some welders to help out with welding these but then the prices would certainly double so in order to keep the cost's down I do this by myself so the customer gets an affordable adapter. Its a double edge sword but I try hard everyday to keep people happy and I've never "Ripped" anyone off. Think of waiting for my adapters as the same as getting a custom rifle built or custom chopper etc etc whenever you deal with custom stuff theres always a wait.

This year I'm working hard to actually start keeping more stuff in stock but the gun show dealers always clean me out so w'ell see until then I hope my customers have patience with waiting on my products if not then can ask for a refund or pass on buying my products.

Hope this calms some nerves with that customer. ;-)

*You may post this over there if you want as I dont really post on other boards.
Thanks for the heads up on this I never knew someone was ******. :-(
Hope this calms the buyer as well as save a company from un due harm.

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