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Accuracy: CZ75's seems to be a bit more accurate in my hands than 92FS/M9's. YMMV.

Trigger: Stock Beretta trigger feels better/cleaner but I still shoot CZ's a tad better. Even though I have more experience with Beretta's.

Manual of Arms: The frame over slide design of the CZ75 does mean there's less slide to grasp. The slide over frame design of the 92FS makes it thicker but the 92FS is still fatter than most slide over frame designs. The slide mounted safety on the 92FS also makes accidental decocking/placing on safe easier when doing tap rack bang drills. Also since I do hand over slide method when reloading from slide lock that's another chance I can trip that safety/decocker. I found the safety on the CZ75 more difficult to reliably manipulate with my avg. sized hands. I do have to shift my grip slightly. Even though the safety decocker is mounted on the slide on the 92FS I can easily decock/manipulate safety with my thumb without shifting my grip.

Reliability: I've put maybe 7,000 rounds through a couple 92FS's in my life. No malfunctions of any kind. I've only put a few hundred through CZ75's (@ 700). No problems. Doesn't prove anything but since I have more trigger time with 92FS's I tend to "trust" them more.
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