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you have probably been scammed. this is something that a lot of cons are doing now; they open up a website with seemingly low, but not unrealistically low, prices. of course, attracted to their prices, you buy their stuff, and they then proceed to put your money into a holding account where it gains interest. eventually, their customers figure out they are never going to get their stuff, and request their money back. the company will give you the run-around for as long as possible, in order to keep your money for as long as possible.

my advice: ask for your money back NOW. dont be fooled by, "we are sending it out soon," or "we made the transfer, we dont know why it hasnt shown up."

tell them you will call your credit card company and report them as a pilfering website if they do not refund your money. and then call your credit card company anyway. threaten to leave multiple negative reviews on as many websites as possible. and then do it.

basically, hose these people like they are hosing you.
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