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Printable dartboard targets for playing Shanghai

We've been using the "Targetz" dart board printed on 8 1/2" X 11" paper for playing handgun Shanghai at the range, but we find that the double and triple areas way to thin even with the target set 8 to 10 feet away. I think in the last 10 games, no one has ended the game early by getting an actual "Shanghai". And < 50% lapping a triple/double area doesn't count because some of the gals shoot .22 pistols, and we guys with our .45 1911s would have an unfair advantage with the big holes.

I'm looking for a more suitable target with the double/triple areas a bit bigger in proportion to the singles, but still easy to see from 8' away on 8.5X11". I found the Gunloads one, but the crazy colors just don't work well in black & white. I know, I know... I could probably create our own with a bit of time... but just wondering first if anyone has a favourite one they actually use for this game?
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