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When I studied criminal law (as a cop, not a lawyer) it was stressed, to understand the law, you had to not just read the law, but the writings and thoughts of the authors of that law.

To understand the 2nd Amendment (or any other law) you should read the founders and their thoughts as they were writing the constitution. I have tons of quotes from our founders on the subject, I won't bore you or fill the topic with the quotes, they are easy to find.

There are few writings on self defense, but quite a bit on the need for the ability of the citizens to keep the government in check. I haven't found many writings on the need to keep arms from the citizens, guess they were quiet or something.

The problem is US, we don't take the Constitution (and writings supporting the Constitution) into account when we vote and that is why the "infringement" of the right to bear arms is with us today. Look up the definition of "infringed" then ask you candidates what it means to them and how would they see any current gun law does not "commit a breach or infraction of; violate or transgress" on our rights, and vote accordingly.
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