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Both are good pistols.
I have shot my best group (benched) with a Beretta 92. Smooth and soft recoil. My thumb hits the slide catch lever preventing the slide to stay open on the last shot.
I had a CZ 75B SA several years ago. It was reliable but I did not like CZ's camming hammer (Look for omega trigger. It is suppose to be better than the old style trigger system). I recently shot an SA/DA without the omega trigger which did not seem as bad as the SA version. Did not notice the camming. I do not know if creep can be completely removed from the trigger -- I think there has to be some creep to allow for the firing pin safety (It has been a while, so take this with a big grain of salt).

From the two, I would pick the CZ 75 BD primarily because it fits my hand better. Decocker, If I had to carry this, I would like the DA first shot and safer way to decock than thumbing the hammer.
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