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Some old straight wall cartridges get made a little longer and get registered at a higher pressure.
They made a mistake with the 32 H&R mag, in that it failed to take advantage of how high the pressure could be and still not get stuck cases. To exploit that margin, the case had to be lengthened and the pressure upped a second time to the 327 Fed Mag.
Revolvers with a 6 at once extractor can get stuck cases at ~~ 40,000 psi, depending on the thickness of the steel chamber wall:

38 special [17kpsi]-> 357 mag [35kpsi]
44 special [15.5kpsi]-> 44 mag [36kpsi]
45 Colt [14kpsi]-> 454 Casull [65kpsi]
32 S&W long [15kpsi]-> 32 H&R mag [21kcup] -> 327 Fed Mag [45kpsi]

What does it all mean?
Nothing went wrong with the 327F.
What went wrong was the 32 H&R wimpiness that caused the 327F to be created to fix it.
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