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Held one in my grimey little mitts!

At the local gunshop there is a brand new SP101 327 mag--3.06 barrel. Wow! nice little gun!

So, the wife said to go ahead if I wanted to get one. Came home and started figuring out the details of making ammo--and it took some doing. The dies are commonly dies for the 32 H&R mag. Ok, those are available. RCBS 3 die set is about $20 higher than 357 mag. Oh well. OK.

32 caliber bullets are fairly easy to get. Several to pick from. OK.

Load data is rather limited, but available. OK.

Brass. Look look look....huh? The brass is a bigger problem. Not expensive, just darn hard to locate. I found some, but that begs the question: If this caiber is going to survive, there needs to be components for reloaders. Not a scavanger hunt, not a game of luck, just there on the shelf. I lived through that panic induced shortage of components a couple of years ago, and there is not much that can upset me more than not finding components for loading when I need the stuff.

Much as it hurts to say it, I will pass on this one.
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