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We've had some recent home invasions near our neighborhood and they've got me thinking that I might not be adequately prepared. It seems these three well armed criminals like to catch people outside their homes and force their way in at gun point. My daily carry piece is a G26 inside the right front pocket and that seems less than desirable against three guys with some of them carrying long guns
That was, and still may be, a favorite tactic of crimminals in RSA (S. Afr.) Often dressed in a nice suit, a carjacker robs people as they arrived home in their driveways.

Don't know whether most culminate in a car jacking or home invasion (which also means rape)--or maybe both, but in our country, a home invasion would be the likely result with bank accounts being the target as well as home valuables.

Crimminals in Latin America now grab people off the street and drive around to various ATM's cleaning out bank accounts. They cruise looking for people.

And some more sophisticated gangs select their victims more carefully and Xfer money from the victims' accounts to theirs via lap top. The victims don't usually survive.

Not to get side tracked with crime in foreign countries, but we're seeing more of that kind of stuff here, also, and we'll see more in the future..
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