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Moving isn't in the cards right now. I also can't afford to buy another firearm at this time.

I did go shooting today and patterned the shotgun with four buckshot loads. Two were Remington #1 buck, one was S&B 00 buck and the last was S&B's #4 buck. I was surprised at how quickly they spread with all being at least 15" to 20" at 10 yards. I think I'm gonna stick with the Mini since I'd rather not spray buckshot into a neighbor's house. Most of the homes here are brick and the one directly across the street is unoccupied. There are kids living in the only nearby house that isn't brick, so I'd better be careful. Hornady's 55 grain TAP did fine in the Mini. I can hit multiple targets much quicker with the Mini than I can with the 870 probably because of my lack of practice with the shotgun.

I did learn a bit more about the home invasions. The last two took place late in the evening or early morning hours. People who were outside their residences were forced inside at gun point. The first home invasion seems to have been an attack on a drug dealing acquaintance of one of the robbers.

It's not practical to tote a rifle on my back while mowing or gardening here in the subdivision but knowing more about the robberies makes me think that the criminals aren't likely to strike during the day. If I'm wrong, I'll have to rely on the G26 if caught outside.
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