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Distance and marksmanship...

So, some things folks don't consider for self defense shooting...

Speed and accuracy is king. You can be the best shot in the world but if you are too slow then you may lose. You can be the fastest shot in the world and conversely if you can't hit what you are aiming at then you may lose. For self defense you have to be quick and accurate.

For marksmanship - it always better to be able to shoot further... well.

Back to your question - So you obviously have the marksmanship down if you are able to keep your groups under 5" at 25-50 yards. Now, consider this... how long does it take you to put those shots on target? Meaning are you taking 30-45 seconds or longer per shot? Are you doing this in 5 seconds?

Another thing to consider is that shooting anyone beyond the acceptable benchmarked 21 feet (7 yards) not to mention over 25 yards is really not a defensible standpoint. Unless you are taking direct fire - for self defense a robber or someone with a bat is really not a threat (over at these distances)... as you can run or take other choices other than lethal force.

So why at closer distances? Most folks can't shoot that well. At greater distances shot groups exponentially increase.

If you want to improve your ability for self defense. Shoot well. Practice drawing and shooting and then moving for cover. These are basic skills most folks never do for many reasons but are vital for self defense.
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