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I gotta tell ya guys...if the neighborhood is getting so bad that you have to be concerned every moment that someone or something is going to come busting thru the door/window, it is definitely time to move. A man's home is his castle and thus should not become his prison. My house is my retreat where I can feel safe...don't confuse this with complacent. I have a state of the art Alarm System, a 4 legged early warning system, and live in a very small gated community where someone or something out of place is immediately noticed. Almost everyone has a dog and when they all start barking at 3 AM, everyone is out of their beds and investigating.

I, too, keep a loaded gun on my person at all times and there are indeed guns hidden about the house but I don't worry about going to the mail box trying to decide if I should take my AR or Shotgun.
If a single group of armed perps begins to hit an area, should I move? Deal with the threat until it is no longer a threat then resume normalcy. In your case normalcy involves always carrying a sidearm. Should you move because you think it is bad enough to warrant a sidearm all the time? I know folks who feel so safe at home that they don't carry anything while at home.
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