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To the original question: I did see recently some pictures of bullets board member Kraigwy posted of bullets cast by putting copper tubing into a mold. He shows a kind of half-jacketed bullet, but it's not typical of factory bullets.

The basic answer to whether you can cast a bullet that looks like a factory bullet is still no, because factory bullets aren't made by casting. If you want to try swaging jacketed bullets, like the factory does, then Corbin is the best known supplier of dies and materials. But even their cheapest hand press that's strong enough for swaging is $600. By the time you get out with the different dies and the supplies you need I'd guess you'll have at least $1500 tied up in it just to try it out. They're getting around $0.09 each just for jackets, if you don't want to buy dies to form your own from strips of copper or from copper tubing.
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