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Stonewall, The drills the OP was running are definitely oriented toward someone who is entering an unknown situation. For all but the most extreme of situations, as an ordinary citizen, I am not going to be forced to separate good guys from unknown bad guys.

If I enter an ongoing situation unknowingly I will not know who the threats are until they become a threat. At that point there is no need to separate them from good guys.

I think that my time would be better spent, given the equipment and members available to the OP, in FOF training which caters to more realistic scenarios. Things like drawing while under attack, drawing against another armed man, getting off the x while under attack, and others based on likelihood and usefulness.

But threegun essentially what I am talking about is situtaional awareness.
SA or recognizing a potential threat early isn't going to be enhanced IMO by turning a corner and having 2 guys running at you while you decide which one to shoot.

To me SA is simply keeping your radar operating. Observe your surroundings as opposed to ignoring them. We usually don't need training to recognize a potential threat using SA. Now maybe some training designed to help us remain Situationally Aware would be good.
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