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@threegun: target distinction is a very important thing to consider. Target distinction is not as clear cut as bad guy has a mask on or a visible gun. Even Wild Bill Hickock had a problem with instant target distinction(killed his own deputy). You need to at least practice hitting a target through a crowd...and while you may be retreating from an active shooter(something I do not blame you for[something like North Hollywood]), retreat is not going to be a linear thing. You might have to go to C from A because bad guy is already at B. Think crowded 7/11 where you can't get to the exit and you don't know who is what.

But threegun essentially what I am talking about is situtaional awareness. Reality is not going to follow into the drills that we all practice. You can practice how to react in certain scenarios, but the real goal is not the explicit curriculum that is being verbally taught to you. It is the implicit that is important(what is not verbally said but an unspoken objective), and in the drill case it is teaching you to react to the threat and improvise. To be fluid to the situation and keep your head on a swivel. Nothing will ever be perfect. We all agree on that, but to practice a wealth of drills where you never know the exact outcome I would say is best. That is the point of the Earp drill. You never know who is doing what and where they are going. Humans are predictably unpredictable.

@the airsoft thing: I don't know. They were semiauto. Thats all I know.
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