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Chris wrote;

Yes, however...

Go to Lowes, get Johnson's Paste Wax in the yellow tin. With a heat gun, melt some into a small bottle. Dump about 1/4 that amount of mineral spirits into the bottle.

Advantage? Dries much faster and hardens to a wax-like coating, unlike the sticky LLA I used to use. You can also mix in some LLA if you desire. You'll have to run the (closed) bottle under hot water every time you need it to melt the concoction. Doesn't take much, don't overdo it.
A mixture that's worked well for those over on is 45-45-5. 45% lee liquid alox, 45% Johnsons paste wax, 5% mineral spirits. It lubricates well, drys hard, and isn't sticky.

Another good tumble lube is rooster lube;

It drys clear and non-tacky. Looks like it isn't really there.
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