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I can't think of many cartridges that give a worse value for the reloader. There is nowhere to buy new brass. I actually did a google search for once fired .327 and it turned up mostly loose ends. "Hard to find" was a common term found in most advertisements.
I can't give away reloader secrets, but... Dig deeper.

I picked up a bulk lot of once-fired .327 Federal (Nickel Plated) brass, as well as two other reloaders on these forums (500 pieces, or more, for each reloader). I paid more than I wanted to, but still less than half the cost of "reasonably priced" new, unfired brass. (When Federal announced the availability of component brass, the price was far from reasonable. ...but that doesn't matter. They pulled the plug, when the demand for loaded ammo was greater than they expected.)

I don't care what other shooters think of the .327 Federal.

I now own more bullets and cases to feed a single .327 Blackhawk, than all of my other firearms, combined. (except for 9mm luger - for the simple reason that I have more than 8,000 range pick-up cases on hand.)
It is THAT much fun, and THAT easy to reload for. -And that fun to reload for. (Yea. I'm odd. I actually enjoy reloading, and the .327 makes it even more enjoyable.)
Picking up the .327 is one of the best firearms decisions I (and my wife) have ever made.
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