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Brass is the most expensive component of any reloaded ammo, and accumulating brass from anything other than purchasing new ammo can be difficult for any reloader, unless your looking at the typical service rounds such as 9mm, .45 acp, .40 S&W or .357.

In any case, straight walled revolver ammo brass has a longer service life, due to the fact that minimally charged reloads are possible, and brass can last almost indefinitely. Add brass loss due to indiscriminate satellite bound ejection by the autos, the only real competitor is the .357. Current component availability really shouldn't limit a weapon purchase anyway. The void will be filled in the marketplace sooner or later.

Over time, lower powder costs, and the fact that I can cast more .32 bullets from a pound of wheel weights than I can the 36 caliber, (.38/357) and my savings are realized over 8 to 10 reloads.
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