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AND for the guy who said a 9mm is good enough over the 327...Dude if you shot a 327 fed mag full house load you seriously would not even compare a 9mm+p to it at all
So if a 357 magnum recoils more no one should be comparing with a .327, right?

To be honest, from a reloader's standpoint, I don't know of any cartridge that gives more bang for the buck than the .327. My biggest concern has been components. Since it's a revolver, I also don't have to chase brass around like I do with the .45 or (worse yet) the 9mm.
I can't think of many cartridges that give a worse value for the reloader. There is nowhere to buy new brass. I actually did a google search for once fired .327 and it turned up mostly loose ends. "Hard to find" was a common term found in most advertisements. Buying ammo to get the brass out of it is about the worst way to go value wise. When I can't get 45 brass for free I pay about 6 cents for a once fired shell ($60 for 1000). I can then reload it for about 4-5 cents more. 11 cents for the first firing, less than half after that. Whats the cheapest source of .327 ammo, $25 for 50 rounds?
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