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Well, let's try it this way and you are right about there being limited pictures but the descriptions are good. I wanted you to see the other posts in order for you to get some good information from the other members. Okay, go to this picture. You will see the breech end of a barrel. Attached to the underside of the barrel, is housing that among other things, contains what they call a bolt and it's spring. That's the darker colored piece and it moves in and out to locks the bolt to the frame. When this bolt is retracted, you can open the action. The problem is the bolt face is not clearing the frame or extends to far out. This will give you problems in closing as well as opening the action. I oncce had a barrel that got closed but could not open. Look at your problem barrel and compare this bolt extension to one of your other barrels. Observe it's operation in detail and your will understand the problem. Now, it's up to you on how you are going to correct it. Go slow and only do what it takes to "just" clear the frame. Man, that was harder than doing it myself. .....

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