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I dont think even the biggest idiot would actually believe the 327 is as powerful as the 357 Magnum. It is laughable. Ok then, you get 6 shots. Well OK, that IS something but it is pretty weak too.
One problem is that the statement is suppoed to read 'the 327 is as powerful as a 357 when fired out of a 2" or 3" barrel.' In reality, if you fire a factory 327 100 gr. and a 357 110 gr. bullet from a snub, the 327 actually will come out on top. Velocity numbers for the 327 are based on a 3" barrel, a 357 is usually based on a 8 3/8" barrel. The 110 gr. 357 is rated at 1295 fps, the 100 gr 327 is rated at 1500 fps. From all accounts, Federal's velocity claims are pretty accurate. If you move to 357 125 gr. bullets, they are typically rated at 1440 fps. In a 3" pipe, you aren't going to make those numbers.

The next problem is that too many people think that carrying any caliber that doesn't start with a 4 is a waste of time.

Last problem still seems to be ammo availabilty and pricing. Anything 32 seems to be overpriced.
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