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Plated bullets use jacketed load data just fine. Berry's recommends not going above 1200 fps.

For OAL before you seat it too deep make sure your seating die is still correctly adjusted and you are not leaving any bell from the expander die (too far out) or crimping too much and deforming the brass (too far in). Both can make chambering a round difficult.
Not exactly true. Depending on who makes them you will get different answers. Rainier Ballistics says to use lead data with their bullets. If you only have jacketed data to work with they say reduce the maximum charge by 10%. That translates to jacketed starting loads as the MAX charge. All anyone needs to do to verify this is to go to the Rainier Ballistics website.

Berry's says "When loading plated bullets we have found best results using low- to mid-range jacketed data in the load manual." and "Do not exceed mid-range loads."

We all need to be careful of blanket statements especially to novices.

I won't offer my load data for this combo because I haven't used it with Berry's bullets. My data is useable with Xtreme plated and Jacketed. I've run that same combo with Rainiers ONCE. They were definitely pushing the pressure envelope.
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