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I have the same problem, but I think it's for a different reason. I didn't even KNOW it was a problem until I went to the eye doctor a couple of months ago...

I'm left handed, and according to the eye doctor, I'm very right eye dominant. Now thanks to a great Dad, I've been handling firearms since I was in the single digits, and always left handed. I didn't KNOW I was cross/ eye dominant, so I just used my left eye. I think I trained my non-dominant(?) eye to be dominant in shooting situations. But when I do Mike Irwin's test, I see one fire alarm (my target) and two equally visible left hands. By having trained myself to do so, I do use the left eye image, so that when I close my right eye, the hand that stays is the one circling the alarm.

To answer your question, plain old PRACTICE has gotten me to be able to use this to my advantage... I focus on the target, and sight using the BARELY fuzzy right pistol image, and ignore the left pistol image. Works for me....but I'm sure I'm doing it all wrong
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