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The problem as I see it is this:

Companies creating new calibers has become an epidemic in the gun industry. The companies all know guns are durable goods and that 38 special from 1940 is either still alive and kickin or can be repaired to do so.

This is a serious problem to their longevity as a company especially when times get tough and people start dipping into the collection for some gas money. When a good used gun can be bought for a fraction of the price of a new and arguably inferior quality product, companies going under becomes a reality.

The solution, convince the public that what has worked for generations is no longer up to snuff and in doing so stabilize their position in the market for just a bit longer. They do this by reinventing the wheel and creating the 32-20, oops I mean the 327 Federal Magnum. It is obvious that even though the companies place huge amounts of dollars on marketing they really dont believe their new fangled thing will catch on and that is why they have limited runs and low production while continuing to produce the very items they are damning in high numbers.

I dont think even the biggest idiot would actually believe the 327 is as powerful as the 357 Magnum. It is laughable. Ok then, you get 6 shots. Well OK, that IS something but it is pretty weak too.

Some have stated a lever carbine would be good for the 327. I see more utility here than in a personal defense revolver. With defensive revolvers the 38 makes more sense since cheaper practice is attainable and practice is the most important aspect of defensive shooting not cartridge.
I say take off the warning labels and let them sort themselves out.
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