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This presumes that I'm gonna run toward the trouble.
If trouble presents itself, and you have to act, its really about all you can do, if you want to "solve" the problem. Theres no such thing as fighting defensively.

If I'm not going to actively insert myself into a potential shootout, and only in the most extreme of circumstances would I do so, then the likelihood of needing that practice is very slim.
I think youre making the assumption you have a choice. Sometimes you might, many times, you dont, and you just have to go with the flow.

Im not planning on actively looking for trouble, but you really have no way of controlling that, unless you just stay home and dont go out. Even thats not a guarantee of anything.

That said good training is good for you even if it is taylored for an event that is most unlikely.
I think many people are very unrealistic in their training, and I'd be willing to bet, that more who carry a gun, have no other training than just shooting at bullseye targets at the range, and base their skills on that. How many here actually practice shooting "people" (not silhouettes), with targets that actually make you think as to where you have to shoot to put the bullet where it needs to go to solve the problem? Not everything is "head on", and proper placement and aiming points may be different than youre accustomed to if you dont practice it.

I know it can be hard to get realistic practice in, but you have to at least try. Even if you do it all in dry fire or airsoft, youre still going to be way ahead of the bullseye only shooter you used to be.

Its not hard to figure out what you should work on, just look around you as you go through your daily life, and insert a "problem" into any of the likely situations you may be in at the moment. You'll have plenty of material. Just try to stay realistic in what youre doing.

Oh, and the Unimart thing, that actually happened to my buddy, who didnt have a gun at the time (who needs to carry a gun "all" the time? ), and was caught flat footed in line at the register when they walked in. Luckily, the only casualty, was the cash register. It took a shotgun blast when the gun went off unexpectedly. Seems even the bad guys get nervous.
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