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Now, you have me thinking about it again. For my wife. But if you're honest, it does have that magnum blast, right? She'd probably rather just have a good old fashioned .38.
Out of the SP101, it has the ".357 blast". Out of the Blackhawk, it's tamed to something more like .38 Special/.44 Special. How much that matters, depends on intended use.

If you don't like the .32s, that's fine. Stick with what's easier for you to get, and keep things simple. I understand it perfectly well.

Me? I didn't already have a .38/.357, and liked the greater variety of loads possible with the .327. As a reloader, all I care about is component availability. I don't have to be a slave to wondering if EvilMart carries my ammo. Provide some brass and bullets, and I'm good to go.

I didn't need the 8 shot cylinder of the Blackhawk, but it does save some weight (versus being 6 or 7 shot). The beauty of it, for me, is that I can shoot anything I want, all day long. I can shoot anything from 350 fps round-balls, to 580 fps .32 SW, to 1,800 fps 60 gr XTPs, to 1,500 fps Gold Dots. When my wife wants to shoot (it's her revolver ), she breaks out .32 H&R hand loads, running 1,300 fps with 85 gr XTPs. ... and she shoots, and shoots, until the ammo is gone.
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