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Trying to excape from a car-jacking where the BG is hanging on and armed

So a guy is armed and trying to get into the car? or is hanging onto the car while you are driving away?

Most car jacks here are you stop at the lite or leave the car running, the guy jumps in gun out and tells you to drive, so you would try to get out and shoot the guy?

I just dont see it.

In the defensive driving course I took in 81 there was no gun play only focus on driving and use the skills to get away. I belive frontsight teaches a course similiar to this.

Contrary to many popular beliefs, you can shoot another person in the back in self defense, shoot them at over 21 feet or even 200 feet in self defense, and you can shoot another person in self defense from a moving vehicle.
Well you go ahead, if he is turned away from me that is leaving and how could he be a threat?

200 feet? rifle for SD and CCW? I wouldnt try this in any state cept texas.

from a moving vehicle? like a bank robber leaving a bank you are driving by and shoot the guy? Again I wouldnt try it here.

Do you write movie scripts too?
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