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45 2.1,

Thanks! There is already interest over at Castboolits, thanks to your post, to add several more at least to those that have expressed interest here. It looks like maybe this thing will go now!

With regard to your question: I slugged the throat of my Yugo M48A and got a 0.329" throat diameter. I also got an OAL of 3.22" which is close to the published 3.25" so I don't see a problem with either of these boolits in an M48A if my values are typical. I believe that 45 2.1 has also shot both the Karabiner and Maximum out of an M48? Bruce (at BRP) suggested that I also measure the case at the mouth of fire formed brass and I got 0.357" on every case that I checked (at least 25+). For the others who have expressed interest in these two boolits: What rifles are you thinking of shooting the Kara. and Max. in? I don't know about any of those other 8mm's but I think this puts the issue of the M48A to rest.

The only thing of interest that I found was when I slugged the entire barrel starting at the crown and working down. There was a tight section from the crown in about a third of the length of the barrel and then the slug pretty much fell the rest of the way to the breech. From what I have been reading, this is good for accuracy as long as it is not too tight. My barrel slug came out at .322" which would have been only from the crown down about the last third of the bore. On one of the throat slugs, I purposely used a really long lead rod that also gave me the bore diameter after the throat which came out as .323" which is spec for the Mauser.


I will go with either the Karabiner or the Maximum. I would like to get them both eventually. I will also go 2 or 4 cavity on the mold. I don't look for huge production in a rifle boolit but a 4 cavity is not so big as to cause newbies like me any trouble.

If I had my druthers I'd vote for the Maximum first and the Karabiner later but I am flexible on that too. Both of these boolits look good to me. Somebody on the Castboolits site (that 45 2.1 was nice enough to set up - it really helps to get someone who has done this before once or 100 times) suggested a four cavity with 2 of each: 2 Karabiner and 2 Maximum's. I don't know how that would work for Bruce but think that it will still require 2 cherries and so the minimum purchase for something like that might go up to 30?

Yes, as to your other question, I sent Bruce a check for the 326-200 Silh yesterday. The only thing that I have to worry about is Bruce getting fed up with teaching me so much about my own da&* rifle that he gives me the money back and tells me to get lost! I am starting to get the idea that Bruce knows his way around a rifle.

There are so few 8mm options out there. I've got some decent molds from Lee but the C324-175-1R is just not going to cut it in the M48. Once I seat the boolit I can't see it anymore! Thanks for the tip on the Silh.

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