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It's not my definition or yours that matters, it's the context of the comment that you responded to.
The FBI agents in Miami suffered from the same mindset - or lack thereof. They were ready to find the bad guys and arrest them. Not one of those agents on scene backed away or ran. But they didn't have it in their heads they might have to shoot and possibly kill anyone.
Clearly he's not saying anything about their performance once the fight started, he's talking about their mindset. They were ready to do their job, they didn't run or back away when it started. But their mindset going into it was clearly not ideal.
Where Mereles is concerned, his mindset was extraordinary, and he killed both Platt and Mattix, if I recall.
A person who goes into a potential armed encounter with his body armor in the trunk does not have an "extraordinary mindset".

I agree that once he got into the fight he did very well and his mindset DURING the fight leaves nothing to be desired. But clearly he didn't go into the fight with the proper preparation and that makes it obvious that his mindset was less than ideal going into the fight.
As for the others, I suspect their mindsets before and during the fight were very similar to the majority of LE officers who go to work on any given day.
Given that a large percentage of LE officers go to work on any given day wearing their body armor even though they aren't on a stakeout looking for heavily armed bank robbers suspected of several murders, it's fairly safe to say that your suspiction is incorrect.
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