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Falcon 642 wrote:
The great Obama-induced ammo shortage of 2008-2009 sure didn't help either. At the peak of the shortage the ONLY ammo I could find was 9mm, I couldn't find .22, .40, .45, or any of the revolver calibers. Its hard to convince people to buy a new caliber when they can't find ammo for it.

At the height of the "crisis," about the only ammo I could find was .40--likely due to LEO usage I understand. There actually was a smattering of .327 here and there in my neck of the woods in more major markets, precisely because of the perceived "odd duck" status I've been told...not much on the shelves to be sure, but more than 9mm, .38/.357, .44 Mag and .45 ACP, all of which supply seemed truly dismal, especially given the demand.

Put me down as another fan for the underappreciated .327 and its little brother .32 H&R Mag. There's nothing more fun than a Ruger Single Six in .32 Mag, match made in heaven!...definitely enough pop to know you're definitely not shooting any .22...unless Ruger does the right thing and introduce it in .327...or handier than the Smith Airweight in H&R. Little six shot powerhouse. The newer steel and scandium Smith J's and Ruger SP101 .327s make for great carry and CC pieces. About the comments regarding the .327 "filling no known void," to paraphrase one post: try the gi-normous gap between the .22s and .38/.357--the same gap the H&R tried to fill. Hey, I'm not so sure other than LEOs or lever hunters that anyone really "needed" the .357 when it came out either. Certainly not later on with the advent of the .38+P. I would agrree that both Federal and Ruger--who essentially co-sponsored the cartridge--dropped the ball upon and shortly following (2+ years) the .327's intro by not making sure ammo/component support was right there from the get-go. A shame...I do think that a lot of momentum was lost right there with many potential buyers, but I still see a bright future for the .327 despite snafus by the very companies that brought it to us. But I've been known to be wrong many times before. I hope not this time.

Edited to be more clear as to my particular experiences, versus over-generalization.

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