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How would shooting from a moving vehicle fall under self defense?
Trying to excape from a car-jacking where the BG is hanging on and armed
Right. That is a very good example of one way.

Contrary to many popular beliefs, you can shoot another person in the back in self defense, shoot them at over 21 feet or even 200 feet in self defense, and you can shoot another person in self defense from a moving vehicle.

All these things do not necessarily negate the bad person's intent, opportunity, and ability to do harm to you or a loved one, or even a stranger you know to be being crimiinally attacked in a manner you believe will cause significant bodily harm or death. If the bad person still has intent, opportunity, and ability, such as the bad person has a gun and is shooting at you, then according to many/most state laws you can defend yourself with lethal force. That does not mean it is a good idea or that it is the best idea, only that the legal criteria have likely been met (depending on your jurisdiction).

Maybe you wish to shoot a person who is also in other moving vehicle chasing you?
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