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The first .327 I saw was a 3" barrelled Ruger sp-101 with an adjustable rear sight, exposed spurred hammer and sticky rubber grips: hardly a pocket snubby, there. Too many folks see what they want to see- you saw "Ruger sp-101" and assumed it was a SD gun (thoughit would work for that).
Yeah, and hardly a trail/field gun, either.

A 3" barrel is still to short, and is still directed towards SD purposes. For a trail/field gun, I want at least 4, and prefer a bit longer. A Single Six with a 4 5/8" barrel would fit me needs just fine. A 3" SP101 would have to be in .357. No advantage in one chambered for .327 mag.

I'm not one to buy a gun just because it's "different". I'm practical in such things, so it needs to fill a need of some kind. A Single Six or small framed smith with a 4 1/2-6" barrel would be great for hiking country where coyotes, badgers, and longer range jackrabbits are found.

I'll stick with the larger cartridges for self-defense.

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