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Your areas must still be price-gouging like crazy on the .327 ammo.

Around here, a box of the .327 Federal American Eagle 100 gr JSP ammo is going for $22.99 to $24.99. The .357 Mag equivalent American Eagle 158 gr JSP is going for $23.99 to $28.99. The same goes for the defense loads. At least in my area, .327 ammo is cheaper than .357 Mag, and about equal to some .38 Special ammo.

1,700 fps out of my 5.5" Blackhawk, with a 100 gr bullet that can handle that velocity; versus 950 fps out of a .38 Special, for the same price? Yea... I'll take the .327 Federal.

The American Eagle 100 gr SP is the only factory load I am willing to buy. Everything else comes from my reloading bench (.32 S&W through .327 Federal).

It's because no security or government forces have adopted it. Look at the popular cartridges today, they're all in use by government or law enforcement. 38, 357, 9mm, 40, 45, 357 sig.
The .327 may not be far behind (though, likely in a limited aspect). I bought a large lot of once-fired .327 brass from a company that supplies LE agencies in Tennessee and Kentucky. When I placed my order they said they would have another 16,000 pieces of brass a few months down the road, because they had several agencies testing S&W and Ruger .327s as possible duty weapons. I don't know how likely the change would be (or what the particular use would be), since they would probably be going from a hi-cap semi-auto to the revolver. But, just the interest was intriguing.
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