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i'd love a 6 or 7 shot sp101 in .327, but i am not sure how or what the muzzle velocity would be out of a 2" barrel for a bullet of this weight.

seems like the lighter the bullet, the more it accelerates through an increase in barrel length.

from a manufacturer's perspecitve- i'd have to see how the muzzle energy of a 2" .327 would compare with that of a .38 special + p prior to building one.

if my intuition is correct with respect to bullet weight and barrel length having a strong correlation to muzzle velocity an ammo manufacturer couldn't rightly pack more powder into a .327 round for the shorter barrels- else people would be using them in the full length barreled models as well, and this may well run the risk of overpower through these models.

again, i could be wrong, but intuition tells me the lighter the bullet, the greater the change in muzzle velocity due to barrel length.

.327 may be near the limit of acceptable muzzle velocity differentials.
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