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They aimed it at the buyer in need of a SD cartridge, and largely ignored the sport-shooter crowd. When they finally offered it to the sport-shooters, they offered it in firearms that compete with more common, and more powerful cartridges.
The first .327 I saw was a 3" barrelled Ruger sp-101 with an adjustable rear sight, exposed spurred hammer and sticky rubber grips: hardly a pocket snubby, there. Too many folks see what they want to see- you saw "Ruger sp-101" and assumed it was a SD gun (thoughit would work for that).

I'd like to see Ruger make a 1.5" version, with notched sights, to go with the 3" windage adjustable rear. Maybe even DAO, would be a tank of a pocket gun. 6 rds vs 5, with good ballistics, IMHO, it's a no brainer.
I'd betcha that the "nearly equal to .357 energy levels" claim would go right down the drain if you chop the barrel in half: with that light bullet, the energy relies on velocity......

Me, I'd like to se a 4" or 5" barrelled sp-101 with better sights in .327..... but I have other things I need to buy first.
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