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I, foolish me, bought a SW 632 J frame - SS 3" comp barrel. I wanted it - which is a good enough reason.

However, it is a sweetheart to shoot and with the 327 six round cap - is a reasonable SD gun for the small hands folks. I ain't a giant. It is a nice shootable fit for my family members. With SW Long rounds, no sweat. BTW, my theory is that if someone can put a round into the BG, that's ahead of the game, so spare me the stopping power rants. Dad here can handle the cannons.

It is also a companion to my SW 432. I got it for a great price when SW was discontinuing them. It's a very light pocket gun with 6 rounds and reasonable oomph. I like it to drop in a pants pocket for a stroll to the mail box or whatever.

Now, normally I gear up - semi, mags, bug, knives, flashlight, OC, phone - etc. - but sometimes you just like to have that 432 and a speed loader. Better than nothing.

It's the free market - don't buy one. I do agree that a SC J snubby would be a fun gun if the round works in it.
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