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I'd be eager to get a .327 Fed Mag, but there's one issue:

In order to sell something, that thing must first be actually produced. The only .327 Fed Mag guns I've seen are the Charter Arms products (oh heck no), Ruger SP-101 (good gun, but too large and heavy for a pocket revolver like my 642) and a S&W J frame with a 3" barrel (again, too long for pocket carry).

If S&W would take their aluminum or Al/Sc J frame and make a 2" barrel 6 shot .327, I'd be on it. Ditto if Ruger would do the same with the LCR. I'll be swinging by my gun shop this afternoon, and if they'd have such a thing sitting on the shelves, I guarantee I'd buy it.

But nobody makes one.

It would also make for an interesting 8 shot K or L frame revolver, particularly if they made them with a 3" barrel and a lightweight frame. Great for carry, plenty powerful, good capacity. Again, but nobody makes one.

I don't think it's lack of interest on the part of the consumers, I don't think it's a lack of capability on the part of the round, I think it's that the gun makers are more interested in making .410 bore revolvers. :barf:
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