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I love my sp101 in .327. Grabbed the first one I found. Put Hogue boot grips on it and haven't looked back. Although to be honest, I'd like to see Ruger make a 1.5" version, with notched sights, to go with the 3" windage adjustable rear. Maybe even DAO, would be a tank of a pocket gun. 6 rds vs 5, with good ballistics, IMHO, it's a no brainer.

Then again, all my other revolvers have at least a 6" barrel. With the 4" GP100, the Blackhawk, and I know Charter and S&W are making versions, I don't think the .327 is dead, it's just starting to get noticed. I think Taurus is making one. I'll have to google, lol.

edit: googled....

Ruger, Charter Arms, Taurus, and Smith & Wesson are the major gun manufacturers producing small frame six-shot .327 revolvers. In addition, Ruger offers a 7-shot version of their GP100, along with an 8-shot New Model Blackhawk, each in .327 FM.Freedom Arms makes a single action as does U.S. Fire Arms with the 8 shot Sparrowhawk.
Seems as though there are more options then I thought, lol!
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