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I've been a fan of .32 Magnum for many years. I've got one Single Six with adjustable sights and one in fixed with a birdshead grip. And, IMO, therein lies the problem for .327. At least why I don't own one. It's like S&W had a hard time selling .32's that were K frame. If people were going to carry a K frame, why not get a .38? The smaller cartridge needs a smaller gun.

I realize there are some snubbies in .327 out there but the .32 Mag was beloved by many who used it as a field gun. Since we are going to carry this gun all the time while doing things in the woods, it can't be big and heavy. It isn't the 8 shots that turns me off on the Blackhawk, it's that it is a .44 Magnum size gun! They could have used the 50th Anniversary .357/.44 Special frame anyway!

Again, IMO, the ideal .327 would have a medium length barrel. At least 4 5/8ths and probably 5.5" would be better. And it would be based on the Single Six platform. The custom makers have shown it can be done. Or S&W made the Model 60 in .357 Magnum with a five inch barrel. I didn't buy one since it had the damnable internal lock but it sure would be a sweet size for .327.

I just don't see it in a larger gun. OK, as a long barreled hunting gun in some situations. But my Single Sixes in .32 Magnum as just too useful. Same gun in .327 could use my .32 Magnum reloads for general use but have some .327's in the belt loops just in case they were necessary.

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