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Grogan lost his glasses and couldn't see.
One could say that the fact that his glasses weren't strapped on (like athletes do with their glasses to prevent them from being lost) is strong evidence that he didn't have it in his head that he might be driving toward a life or death struggle.
Bite your tongue before you say that about Ed Mereles. He was in the fight from the start and performed above and beyond the call of duty.
No one's saying that they didn't do their best once they found themselves in the middle of a bad situation. The point is that in spite of what they knew to be true about the bad guys, they went into the situation not as if they were readying themselves for a horrendously lethal situation that could easily cost several men their lives--they went into it more as if it was just business as usual.

You say Mireles was in the fight from the start. If that's true then why wasn't he wearing his body armor? Are you saying he was ready for a gun battle but decided not to wear his vest? Clearly that would be ridiculous. He performed well under pressure but he obviously went into it like the others--not really expecting anything out of the ordinary.
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