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If we want this to actually happen....

I have emailed Bruce (BRP Products, LLC) about making the 8mm molds in Aluminum. He is interested and seems very knowledgable. He has been very helpful with information about my Yugo M48.

Bruce has a number of stock 8mm molds that he already has the cherries for and will make them on a one-off basis with no group buy required. But he requires a minimum of 15 orders to tool up for a new design which the Karabiner and Maximum will be for him. So far there is some interest here but its not exactly burning the door down and no where near 15 orders.

So I went over to Castbullets, as I had said that I would, to see if there was additional interest over there to add to the interest here to get up to that magic 15 orders. Castboolits has an entire, very active from what I can see, section devoted just to Group Buys. I registered on Castboolits but apparently they will not let me post for 30 days for some reason. I figured that one of you guys had been over there telling them I was a nut or something.

Anyway, if this thing is to get going, then maybe someone from here that has an established account on Castboolits will go over there and post something to see if there is any interest in some 8mm boolit molds? I don't know what else to do because right now, there is not enough interest here to get the molds cut.

Any volunteers? Do I hear the sound of a lot of folks stepping BACK one step? It's confusing as all git out to me but I think there are like 10+ Group Buys in progress at a time over there. And I am burning gasoline at a terrible rate driving over to Castboolits all the time and every $ I spend on gas is one less $ that I can spend on molds! oh.....and there is the mold I just bought from Bruce in 8mm......that may add up to more than the gasoline ...............
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