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I have a SP101 in .327 Mag, and love that little sucker.

I can shoot loads ranging from a barely make it out the barrel .32 S&W, to 1,600 fps .327 Mag screamers that equal .357 Mag energy, but with less felt recoil. The biggest problem I saw with the introduction of the cartridge, was the lack of components for reloading, and the scarcity of loaded ammunition.

Every gun store around me sells the .327 Mag pistols almost as soon as the arrive at the store. Loaded ammo is still a little pricey, but is getting more common, and bullets and brass are on the shelves now as well............but a lot of people were turned off to the cartridge by the initial shortages of ammo and components, and now, even thought the shortages are no longer as big an issue, people have lost interest, or, simply don't want to take a chance on not being able to find ammo or reloading supplies for the $600 gun they just purchased.
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