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.327 Federal Club thread

Dear Friends:

This thread started with a discussion of marketing but became what we call a club thread - a place for the fans or not so of the 327 to discuss the gun and round. It has been going on for a long time.

Thus, staff discussed changing the thread's name to reflect this.

Let the discussion continue! Got to love those 32s.


I love the .327 mag. I know not everyone does, and I understand the reasons why. I'd like to take a public pulse. Why not the .327?

I believe that the American public can be convinced to buy a product that they don't necessarily want or need. (1950: A bomb shelter? Really?)

With the fascination and pursuit of the perfect lawn, a bigger screen TV, and the occasional shag carpeting thrown in (depending on the decade), what the heck happened to the .327? What about P.T. Barnum's "..a sucker born every minute"?

My take? The .32 mag was introduced in or around 1981, a relatively tough economic time. Farm Crisis, gas lines, and high unemployment. Today? The .327 comes, and tough economic times arrive again. Nobody buying or taking chances on a long shot.


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