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When I say shoot V no shoot I mean when someone is being threatening vs when they are just being aggressive and you still have an option to retreat(something a CCW holder is obligated to do).

We actually did use SOME force on force drills, but we only had 30 minutes or so when we tried out the drill. The civilian thing was helpful for knowing what exactly was going on. In one drill I turned and ran at "Earp" as he rounded the corner and the "bad guy" was actually being mugged and escaped (only to be shot in the back by "Billy" or whoever else was on the losing end of the gun fight at the OK Corral). The situation didn't end well for Earp either.

I do alot of martail arts so hand to hand I am comfortable with. I practice alot of clearing punches/shove. I might actually start a thread on that.
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