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I can see it being more of an issue than you might think. Just being in the Unimart at a bad time comes to mind, or just about anywhere else you might think of where you may have to deal with it. Even if you arent a cop, and as much as you dont want to get into it,or try to avoid it, you may just have to act.

One thing I think really throws people, is dealing with other things going on around them, while trying to shoot. Look at how pissy people get at the range when they are trying to shoot and you just get a little loud while talking close by. Start moving around close to them, or bumping into them, and watch things take off. If all you do is stand and concentrate on those tight little groups in practice, and dont get a little more realistic in what youre doing, whats going to happen when you have to start multitasking on the fly?
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