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Here's another drill you could try.
It has to do with Bill Hickhock, as described in one of the many biographies of his life and times.
He walked into a hornet's nest, in a saloon, in one of the cow towns he frequented, and found himself in a gunfight with either four or five guys.
Two were standing right next to him at the bar, one or two were sitting at a table to his left and one was at the far end of the saloon, standing on a stair case.
Or something like that.
It's been awhile since I read this book.
Anyhow, when the festivities began, Hickhock knocked down the two nearest with direct hits from the revolver in his right hand.
He either got hit in the right arm or that gun malfunctioned.
Either way, he dodged to his left to avoid the lead coming his way, pulled his other revolver with his left hand and dropped the other two or three guys, all while on the run.
Whoever is being Hickhock will either need two guns, or just transfer one from one hand to the other, while on the move.
This scenario has been actually included, in local and national level matches.
Sometimes as part of a larger course of fire, sometimes as is.
It's pretty hard to improve on the real thing.
If you try it, tell us how you did
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