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One more thing to remember. In some states you can not use force to stop a person if they are not the instigator of the fight. If that 260 pound guy beating on a 175 pound guy didn't start it, you get charged.

Some states are also duty to retreat states. That means if the threat to your life or the life of your loved one can be avoid by leaving, you better leave. If you decide to jump in to the firestorm instead of cut out the fire exit, with your kid under your arm, you can be charged. Keep up with your laws as they are constantly changing.

If a cop shows up, put the gun on the ground. Get on your knees with your hands behind your head. If the situation is still active, get prone. Don't try to argue your case or tell your story right then. They do not care. They will ask you when they feel safe conducting interviews. Let them secure the scene before you get talkative. An extra voice in the chaos can be a deadly distraction.

Remember even criminals say, "yes sir" and act polite. Do not expect that to get you released or to help validate your story. Be polite as a matter of course, just don't think, "why are they being so mean when I'm being so nice." Cops deal with all types and chances are they aren't going to believe any one story untill they get multiple statements from you and other witnesses. Yes they will ask you for multiple statements. A lot of people get tripped up when they try to lie. So, if they have to try multiple times it is easier to catch them. The advantage is that it also helps witnesses remember more information. So, there are reasons you need to give multiple statements to multiple officers.

Okay, I'm getting off topic. I just want everybody to stay safe and understand some of what is coming their way. I have dealt with police after a SD situation. I also work around police. So, I have seen how they handle situations from both sides.
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